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2014-07-11 19:34:37 by Wilhiemthe2nd

Is it me, or are musicians really cutthroat here on newgrounds when it comes to doing collabrative stuff.

Contests Be Contesty

2014-03-28 05:23:30 by Wilhiemthe2nd

So the Art Inspiration Music Contest is a thing.

I probably won't win anything, but hey, fun experience atleast. C:

Movin' Up In The World

2013-10-27 23:52:47 by Wilhiemthe2nd

I have a Bandcamp! You can buy stuff there!
Nanoangstrom be the name.
So far I have released my first EP, which is free, and a Demo from my first album, which will not be free.
Its pretty swell!
If you like my music, please check out my Bandcamp! It will probably receive more attention than my NG! be warned!

Long Songs

2013-08-17 03:46:25 by Wilhiemthe2nd

Hello Fans, yes, all 19 of you. :P I'll be posting songs which file size is larger than Newgrounds permits. Cause I'm cool like that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Righteous Fury Progressive Downbeat (working on genre name to make it sound less pretentious) BPM 125 Runtime: 14:16 Time Sigs: 4/4 12/8 18/16 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well Hi.

2013-01-02 08:56:57 by Wilhiemthe2nd

Hello, i am nobodymcgee. Totally not doing music. Totally not.